Our Approach

How we help stakeholders and their advisers with the
complex scenarios associated with Special Situations.

Client focus & flexibility

We take a client-centric approach to everything we do, with flexibility that enables us to meet clients needs in a cost-efficient manner. We work with a core team of experienced lawyers who have significant cross-border insolvency/restructuring expertise and distressed investing experience, with backgrounds in major international law firms.

Depending on the nature of the matter, and in consultation with you, we supplement this core team with specialised lawyers from our network, as required, to best serve your specific needs.

You get responsive, commercial and quality legal support for all types of Special Situation.

We're ideally positioned to get involved in smaller discrete assignments, and we also assemble tailor-made teams with multiple specialisations to manage larger matters. Other law firms lacking our expertise can easily bring us in to work alongside them. Having few or any conflicts, we work alongside other firms either to front certain contentious matters or to act as conflicts counsel for individual stakeholders (such as individual directors on a board or one or more individual companies in a group structure or, on the creditor side, either individual creditors or separate ad-hoc groups of creditors in a complex capital structure).

We are also well positioned to act for clients in a “outside in-house counsel” role, and we offer attractive retainer arrangements based on a monthly fixed fee.

Capability & capacity